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go kart and minibike 6' split rim azusalite wheels


6" Azusalite  Zytel® Nylon Wheels
Split rim design, 3.75" bolt circle, 3" width, grade 5 hardware, tough and lightweight, corrosion proof, solvent resistant.

6" Azusalite go kart wheel

Description Bearing Type Part # Price Buy Now
For 1-3/8" OD Ball Bearings
6" Wheel Precision 5/8" ID 1072 $44.95
6" Wheel Standard 5/8" ID 1073 $41.95
6" Wheel Standard 3/4" ID 1078 $41.95
Two Halves w/Nuts and Bolts No Bearings 1075 $39.95
One Half Only No Bearings 7921 $18.95

For 1-5/8" OD Ball Bearings

6" azusalite go kart wheel

6" Wheel Precision 3/4" ID 1077 $44.95
Two Halves w/Nuts and Bolts No Bearing 1075 $39.95
One Half Only No Bearing 7921 $18.95


What is Zytel® Nylon?

Zytel® is a name trademarked by DuPont for its series of specially engineered nylon resins.

Azusalite Wheels are molded from a glass-reinforced, alpha-crystalline, Nylon 6 resin designed to provide the optimal combination of tensile, impact and flexural strengths.

The resin is further enhanced by carbon black for the best UV protection. The resulting Azusalite Wheels are lightweight, but strong, resilient and durable.


go kart and minibike tire map


Tire Size Tread Type
410/350 x 6 Sawtooth
13-400 x 6 Ribbed
13-500 x 6 Ribbed
410/350 x 6 Studded
410/350 x 6 Slick, Regular
13-500 x 6 Turf Saver