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Before contacting us with a question, please look through this list of frequently asked questions.  Hopefully, you can find your answer here.

1.  Question:  I ordered several small parts on your web site and the shipping charges ended up being more than the goods I ordered!  What gives? 

Answer:  When you order items using the Paypal buttons on this web site, a set amount of shipping is charged for each particular item.  We have to assume that each part is going to be the only thing a customer orders, and so we have to charge enough shipping to cover the shipping of an item if it is shipped by itself.  When a person orders some small items such as bushings, spacers, nuts, or bolts, the shipping would of course end up being way too high for the order.  That's why we offer an alternate way to place your order, found here.  Typically for orders for larger items, shipping ends up being about what it should be.

2. Question:   Do you sell two seater go kart kits?

Answer:  No, we only carry single seat models.

3.  Question:  How big of an engine (horsepower) can I put on the minibike frame?

Answer:  Well, you have only 13.5" for engine clearance so that's pretty much what limits you, although Azusa Engineering recommends you put only a 3.5hp engine on it. 

4.  Question:  How much skill do I need in order to put either a go kart kit or a minibike kit together?

Answer:  You need to have some working knowledge of tools, an above average mechanical aptitude (especially for the kart kit), and you must be able to follow instructions. 

5.  Question:  How big of an engine can I put on the go kart frame?

Answer:  Azusa Engineering recommends nothing over 5hp, and we stand by their recommendation.

6.  Question:  I placed an order and received no confirmation of that order.  Why not?

Answer:  Because when you pay with Paypal, both parties in the transaction receive an email with all the details of the transaction.  That email serves as confirmation of your order.  This is all explained on the "Ordering & Legal Info" page.

7.  Question:  Why don't you have a contact telephone number? 

Answer:  Because if we did, we wouldn't have time to work!  We started out with a phone number on the website, but our time was wasted because of so many calls from people asking questions that are already answered on the website.  For example, if we had a nickel for every time someone asked if we sell go kart tires, we could retire filthy rich.  Every time our time is wasted by answering questions that are already answered on the website, that means it takes longer for us to ship our customer's orders.  Therefore, we made the decision a few years ago to remove the phone number from the website and only make it available to you immediately after you place an order through Paypal.  In addition to that, if we've been emailing back and forth about the details of an order, we'll probably go ahead and give you our number to call before you place an order.  At least this way we know you're a serious customer and not just a tire kicker who doesn't care about wasting our valuable time.