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go kart and minibike frames, fenders, plates, and accessories


Go Kart Frame w/Steering Hoop 
This sturdy, double tube construction, high quality unit is jig-welded and made of 1" x .083" wall tubing. Complete with steering hoop assembly, belly pan, engine mounting plate, spindle brackets, steering shaft bushing, pedal bushings, live-axle bearing hangers and control rod anchors. No additional welding needed. Well designed and rugged.  Dimensions are:
Frame Wheelbase: 41" from the front spindle bracket to the rear axle opening
Frame Width: 21 3/4" across the back of the frame
Frame Overall length: 48" from the front of the frame to the back of the frame
Frame Height: 5-5/8" from the top of the frame in the back to the bottom of the frame
Front Axle Width: 26" from the end of the spindle bracket across the frame to the end of the other spindle bracket

go kart and minibike go kart frame

Kart Frame w/Steering Hoop 3502 $269.00 
Steering Hoop Only 3505 $25.50


Mini-Bike Frame & Fork Kit 
Jig welded from high quality 7/8" OD by .083 wall tubing, it is designed to accommodate up to and including 17.5" OD mounted wheels. Complete with engine mounting plate, front axle holes and rear mounting tabs. No additional welding is required.  Maximum engine height of 13-1/2". Wheelbase - 36". Handlebar Width - 21".  The steel tubing making up our minibike fork is now bent forward at a 30 degree angle for improved steering radius and handling for both kids and adults. 
minibike mini bike frame

Description Part # Price Buy Now
Minibike Frame & Fork Kit 3545 $219.00
Minibike Frame Only 3548 $149.00
Minibike Fork & Bolt Set 3546 $65.00


Minibike Kickstand

This kickstand can be used with the minibike frame shown above.  It comes with a weld on bracket and kickstand w/spring.  Approximately five inches tall.

Go Kart Galaxy- Your Online Source For Go Kart And Minibike Parts:  Minibike Kickstand

Description Part # Price Buy Now
Kickstand Kit, complete with Bracket 1727 $8.00
Kickstand with Spring, no bracket 1729 $5.00
Weld on Bracket for Kickstand 1728 $3.00


Deep drawn steel fender made from cold rolled steel.
go kart and minibike minibike fenders

Description Height Length Max Width Part # Price Buy Now
Fender, Chromed 3.75" 14.5" 4.2" 1857 $15.00
Fender, Unplated 3.75" 14.5" 4.2" 1855 $11.00
Fender, Chromed 4.75" 18.0" 5.5" 1866 $21.00
Fender, Unplated 4.75" 18.0" 5.5" 1865 $15.50
Fender, Chromed 4" 18" 4" 1830 $15.70
Fender, Unplated 4" 18" 4" 1829 $11.95


go kart engine mounting plateEngine Mounting Plates minibike engine mounting plate
Made of heavy gauge steel, with slotted mounting holes.
Description Part # Price Buy Now
8-3/4" x 7-3/4" w/Lips 8191 $13.95
5" x 12" Flat 8190 $9.95


Frame Weldments 
Universal applications for mounting spindles, jackshafts, live axles, throttle & brake controls, pitman arms and more. Weld in place. Priced and sold in pairs.
go kart and minibike frame weldments

Description Part # Price Buy Now
Two 1" live axle bearing hangers for 2 or 3 hole flangettes 8127-2 $9.00 
Two king pin brackets, 5/8" bore for mounting spindles 8171-2 $8.00
Two king pin brackets, 1/2" bore for mounting spindles 8181-2 $5.00
Two hardened steel King pins, 5/8-18 x 3.75" for bracket 8445-2 $4.50
Two jackshaft bearing hangers, 1-3/8" ID 8128-2 $7.50 
 Two Pitman arms for 5/8" shaft, 5/16" bolt hole, 1-5/8" centers 8129-2 $2.70
Two rod anchors for 1/4" brake and throttle rods, 1 3/8 x 3/4" 8182-2 $0.60


go kart and minibike rubber grommet kitRubber Grommet Kit
To shock mount engines. Also for fairing mounting.
Description Part # Price Buy Now
Rubber Grommet Kit 1883 $3.30

Folding Foot Pegs, Pair
Sturdy rubber tread folding foot pegs. With long mounting studs. Folds when not in use.  Uses 10mm bolts. Mount using 2 #8162 clamps.
minibike foot folding pegs

Description Part # Price Buy Now
Folding Foot Pegs, Pair 1739 $7.95
Folding Foot Pegs, Pair, w/Clamps 2239 $11.50
Non-Slip Clamps, Set, 4 Halves 2209 $5.00