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go kart steering wheels and accessories


go kart neoprene competition steering wheelNeoprene Competition Steering Wheel go kart neoprene competition steering wheel diagram
Two diameters available-10" & 12".  One piece construction, no welds.  Chrome plated quality steel, solvent proof neoprene, molded finger grooves.
Description Part # Price Buy Now
10" Diameter Steering Wheel 1801 $35.95
12" Diameter Steering Wheel 1805 $43.95

go kart butterfly steering wheel blackgo kart butterfly steering wheel aluminumAluminum Butterfly Steering Wheels go kart butterfly steering wheel diagram
Non-flexing, strong 1/4" tempered aluminum alloy.  Choice of black anodized or polished aluminum.  The Butterfly steering wheel design evolved from actual track experience.  The unique, non-symmetrical design allows the steering wheel to be mounted in either of two positions, to best suit the driver's personal taste.  The Butterflys also feature neoprene compound grips to resist fuels and lubricants--just soft enough to dampen vibration without being spongy.
Description Part # Price Buy Now
Polished Aluminum Steering Wheel 2294 $59.95 
Anodized Black Steering Wheel 2293 $57.95 

go kart steering shaft kitComplete Steering Shaft Kits
Fits all steering wheels pictured above.  Heavy duty Pitman arms.  Holes for cotter pins in shaft & bolts.  5/8" splined shaft and hub for perfect alignment.
Description Length Part # Price Buy Now
Shaft Kit, Arms Not Welded 22" 1868-22 $33.50
Shaft Kit, Arms Not Welded 24" 1868-24 $34.50
Shaft Kit, Arms Not Welded 25" 1868-25 $34.95
Shaft Kit, Arms Not Welded 28" 1868-28 $36.95
Shaft Kit, Arms Not Welded 34" 1868-34 $37.60
Shaft Kit, Arms Welded 22" 1867-22 $39.00
Shaft Kit, Arms Welded 25" 1867-25 $39.45
Shaft Kit, Arms Welded 28" 1867-28 $40.50
Shaft Kit, Arms Welded 34" 1867-34 $43.95
Steering Shafts, 5/8" Splined w/Snap Ring
Shaft 6" 8137-6  $11.00 
Shaft 22" 8137-22 $15.95
Shaft 24" 8137-24 $16.50
Shaft 25" 8137-25 $16.95
Shaft 28" 8137-28 $17.50
Shaft 34" 8137-34 $19.50
Shaft w/Welded Arms 22" 8140-22 $23.95
Shaft w/Welded Arms 25" 8140-25 $24.50
Shaft w/Welded Arms 28" 8140-28 $25.50
Shaft w/Welded Arms 34" 8140-34 $28.50

go kart steering kit, less shaftSteering Kit, Less Shaft

Description Part # Price Buy Now
Hardware Kit w/Pitman Arms 1873 $17.50
Hardware Kit w/o Pitman Arms 1874 $10.50

go kart engine kill button switchEngine Kill Button Switch
This spring loaded ground contact switch fits both 7/8" and 1" frame or handle bars.  A 36" shielded wire, with a spade type end fitting is assembled for fast installation.  Plated and a real safety feature for all vehicles.  For all you get, it is unbelievably low priced.
Description Part # Price Buy Now
Kill Switch 1721 $8.95



go kart steering wheel cap assemblySteering Wheel Cap Assembly go kart steering wheel cap
Gleaming plated steel, this is the perfect mate for Azusa's steering wheels.  Fits either 1-1/2" or 1-5/8" bolt circle, and practically any make of steering wheel.
Description Part # Price Buy Now
Steering Wheel Cap Assembly 1877 $10.95
Plated Mounting Cup Only 8135 $5.25
Chromed Snap-In Cap Only 8136 $5.75